C language

C  is a standardized programming language. It’s implemented on most computing platforms existing today.  It was developed between years 1969-1973 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie.  C language was the basis of many languages ​​previously created and still popular today: C + +, Java, JavaScript, C #. The programming languages are use to make programs. Programs express algorithms.

A simple program: Hello World (classic program that programmers write when they learn a new programming language :

Untitled  1)  #include <stdio.h> –  a library that contains the functions definition
  2)  int main () –  the  function is the entry point into the program. presence is required for a program to be executed
  3)  {  –  opening brace indicates the beginning of the code for the main function
  4)  printf  – function which displays characters that are between quotes
  5)  Hello World – the text displayed
  6)  \n  –  “escape sequence”, is called EOL = end of line;  sequence move the cursor to the next line
  7)  return 0  – This instruction finishes executing the main function and causes it to return the value 0
  8)  }   –   closed brace indicates the end of the main function code.
Don’t forget ! At the end of every intructions between main and return 0 you must put  ;  
download TO RUN THIS PROGRAM ON YOUR COMPUTER YOU MUST INSTALL CODEBLOCKS (press the star and the download will start automatically)

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