Challenge – MaTH !

Who knows how to resolve this, has an award. Seriously, who can resolve this, will get an award which he/she will put on his/her blog 🙂 !
a) Show that if a natural number has only three divisors, it is the square of a prime number
b) Show that if a natural number has only four divisors, it is the cube of a prime number or the product of two prime numbers.

Try 🙂


Random function in C/C++

Below is a program that uses the random function .


Image Image



#include <stdlib.h>

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
int secret;  //declaration for variable “secret”
srand (time(NULL));  // initialize random function
secret = rand() % 10+1;  // variable is assigned a value
printf(“%d”,secret);  //dipslay the variable’s value on the screen
return 0;

Let’s explain what happens when I write “secret=rand()%10+1;”

If I wrote   secret=rand();   the program will display any number between  -231 and +231  

(because the number was declareted integer (int) and there are the limits for integer)

%10 is the function which give the rest of the divizion at 10 ; this function is avabile for each number. In this case we have %10 = the last digit of the number (it can be between 0 and 9) . At the result we add 1 , that means the random number which will be display, will be between 1 and 10.

// means commnent – you can run the program with coments



Read and try to aply this function 😉 !

Something in C language

Someone ask me “What print(“%d”,nr);  means ? And somewhere I saw exactly the same sequence but with printf. Can you enlighten me ?”

Surely, I can explain you. Let’s take step by step.

printf – the function for display “nr”  ON SCREEN

%d – a integer variable

nr – the variable which will display ON SCREEN

;   –   at the end of each instruction you must  ;

You saw that I laid emphasis on the fact that displays on-screen. Why ? Because the function printf (not print) is the same function, but printf will display the variable “nr” in a file.

The program run and display the value must display only if you declared correctly.

1) At beginning of the program you must declared the variable like this :

int nr;

2) The variable’s value must be read or you must attribute a value at the variable


nr=33;   (33 is only an example)

Don’t forget ! ! ! At reading you must put & ,  but when you display the variable you don’t must put this. If you don’t make like this, the program will return an error.

From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technology

Yeah … a fantastic evolution 😉

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In my early writing days, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalk, and colored pencils were my best friends. They were there for me when I had nothing to do. Even if what I made out of them were just scribbles and abstract art, they were easier to use when I started school and created actual writing. As I aged, I gave more attention to pens and pencils as my writing tools. But when I discovered the mechanical pencil in middle school, that’s what I have used since then because of its thin graphite, which made writing much easier and my penmanship look cleaner.

Even though nowadays computers and laptops are much more relevant for my writing activities, I can never reject the pen or pencil for my use. In high school, all my essays would have to go through, which is a plagiarism check for all written work turned in…

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How to install Codeblock nightly build with latest GCC Compiler 32 bit and 64 bit

Install Code blocks !

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How to install Codeblock nightly build with latest GCC Compiler 32 bit and 64 bit –


Nightly builds have new and better features then the stable releases which are needed. It is better to use nightly build, but check comments in forum if a new, nightly build has bugs, in which case wait for another one.

Install Codeblocks Nightly Build –
search “codeblocks nightly” in google
click on build you want to download like –
The 06 August 2013 build is out

Example zip or 7z file names in bracket changes with various releases.
How to use a nightly build – codeblocks forum post
download –
1) CB nightly, (CB_20130806_rev9246_win32.7z)
2) mingwm10.dll, when no MingW installed on your system, (mingwm10_gcc471-TDM.7z)
3) wxmsw28u_gcc_cb.dll, unicode windows wxWidget dll for Code::Blocks, (wxmsw28u_gcc_cb_wx2812_gcc471-TDM.7z)
4) exchndl.dll, exception handler dll (for better crash reports), (exchndl_gcc471-TDM.7z)
from build download page.

Final steps :

1) unzip…

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